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Professional Pet Sitter

About Me

Welcome to Green Acre Saints! We are located outside of Galesville, WI along the beautiful banks of the Black River, Trempaleau River, and a few miles from the mighty Mississippi River.
It is my mission to provide pure bred, pet quality Saints at a reasonable, family friendly cost.
Green Acre Saints are handled and socialized daily. We introduce them to normal family situations like vacuum cleaners, loud noises, etc. The puppies will interact with small children, cats and other dogs. I will make sure they are used to having their ears, tail, and mouth played. Green Acre Saints are raised IN our home and will have some experience with dog doors, gates and crates/kennels. I work with each family to understand the wants, needs, and expectations for their puppy in order to ensure a successful experience for everyone!
It is important to me that the bonding process between a family and their fur baby begins as soon as possible, so to help with that I try to provide regular videos of the puppies from day one.
We are very selective in our puppy families, but in return, you will have a support network better than you would have thought possible. Once you pick out your puppy and name him/her, I will start using that name to help in the recognition process.
My plan is that everyone will have a life long friend with their Green Acre Saint.
I do extend a limited amount of military/public service discounts per litter as a thank you so if this is YOU, please let me know!
Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a pup or would like to be put on our future litter list.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

🐾Klara, Darius, Kallie & Druesberg🐾

Denise Green

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