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Welcome to Green Acre Saints Farm & Pet Sitting!

We are a licensed, insured farm/pet sitting business. Green Acre Saints Farm & Pet Sitters specializes in "In-your-home" care, taking care of special needs, elderly, and medicine-dependent animals. We take care of feathered, scaled, and furry pets, with paws, claws, or hooves, indoor and outdoor animals, as well as maintaining the home while our clients are away such as watering plants, bringing in the mail, dishes, etc.

Why stress your animals out taking them to a kennel or pray someone you trust remembers all the items on your chore list during their once a day stop in? There really is no place like home for your 2, 4, or no legged family members. We offer overnight stays where we will stay and spoil your house pets and/or barn animals and treat them like our own! 

Our wish for you is to be able to travel with piece of mind and for us to keep your loved pets as happy and as comfortable as possible, all while keeping their daily routines the same as they have always known. 

We look forward to meeting  you and discussing how we can help you take that well deserved vacation!


Pet Sitting Process

Fill Our Inquiry Form

Set Up Meet & Greet

We will set up a meet & greet to come spend time with you and your animals, see your routine, and learn what you'd like to have done while you’re away.

Get Quote from GASFPS

Once we meet, we will send you our fast facts form to tell us more about your animals after we meet, and we will be able to give you a more accurate rate.

Add it to the Calendar

We will email you our contract, confirm the dates, and after the deposit paid, your next job is to get planning your trip knowing that everything will go smoothly while you're gone!

Enjoy Your Getaway!

Enjoy planning all the fun you’ll have while you’re away. Don’t worry, you will receive daily communication, videos, and pictures so you know how great things are going at home.



Through thunderstorms, snow storms, power outages, possible seizures, router being down, these ladies were unflappable. Even with all these obstacles, we had daily updates and pictures and videos with smiling faces! Our special needs dogs, ( epileptic dog, elderly dog with back and hip difficulties, plus terrified of thunderstorms) received daily medication, care and stimulation. Professionalism and caring at its finest. Another service these ladies provided was watering all my seedlings! A boarding kennel can’t do that!. All of the above, enabled us to have a vacation like no other.. stress less ! We absolutely will use this service in the future.
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