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Welcome to Green Acre Saints Farm & Pet Sitting!

We are a family that loves animals of all kinds. We (Denise and Marie) know what it takes to care for large amounts of animals on a personal level as we have had so many animals of our own over the years (hedgehogs, macaws, ferrets, house pigs, guinea pigs, turtles / tortoises, goats, chickens, dogs, cats,  fish, reptiles, and more!)

One day during a conversation we came to the conclusion, that seems to be a common one in animal loving homes, It’s really hard to travel. We turned that conversation into how can we make travel a reality for families like yours! 

Why stress your animals out taking them to a kennel or pray someone you trust remembers all the items on your chore list during their once a day stop in? There really is no place like home for your 2,4, or no legged family members. We offer overnight stays where we will stay and spoil your house pets and/or barn animals and treat them like our own! 

Our wish for you is to be able to travel with piece of mind and for us to keep your loved pets as happy and as comfortable as possible, all while keeping their daily routines the same as they have always known. 

We look forward to meeting  you and discussing how we can help you take that well deserved vacation!


Plan Your Getaway & Inquire Today!


"Marie and I used to be neighbors and during that time I watched her work with so many different animals including my own. She has checked on my cats when I’ve been out of town and loved on them as if they were her own. While fostering an emergency evacuated hurricane dog, Marie guided me through ways to ease the transition for the both me and the pup. I also got the pleasure of watching her rescue a dog into her fur family. She put so much time and thought into every part of that change for her, her current dogs and the newest pup. I can’t express how much love she pours into every animal she interacts with. She is one in a million. 10 out of 10 recommended!"
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